234crowdfunding is Nigeria's premiere humanitarian social networking site. The platform is designed to advance a culture of charitable giving in Nigeria and promote political fundraising.

Our platform for development and humanitarian crowdfunding can be harnessed to raise funds when there are humanitarian emergencies and in support of a variety of social causes to foster development in Nigeria. Individuals and organizations may use our platform to crowdfund for school renovation projects in various communities or to equip hospital wards in rural and urban communities. Individuals and organisations can also use our platform to raise funds for various humanitarian initiatives.

Each campaign on our platform must be vetted by our team. We will also follow up on the implementation of the initiatives after funds have been raised. A report will then be provided to the general public for accountability and to build trust.

243crowdfunding will be promoted globally. The aim is to provide a credible platform for individuals and corporates in the diaspora to engage and support humanitarian causes in Nigeria, and West Africa. This will help in expanding support for humanitarian causes in the country and in the region.

The platform is also a tool for raising funds for electoral campaigns. The aim of our political crowdfunding tool is to disrupt political finance and mitigate the influence of Big Money in Nigeria's electoral system.

Established by 234Scorecard Limited – a private media company incorporated on December 7th, 2015 – the start-up is focused on promoting accountability in governance and using political data analytics to improve the quality and effectiveness of project delivery. Our mission is to help galvanize a process that will entrench public legitimacy to politics and promote social causes in Nigeria.


Integrity, Accountability, Transparency


To become Nigeria's foremost humanitarian organisation, contributing to the improvement of sustainable development.


Email Address: info@234crowdfunding.com