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What is 234crowdfunding?
234crowdfunding is a Nigeria-based humanitarian social networking site. It enables users to raise money for social causes and contribute to the social and economic development of Nigeria.
Are there any restrictions to the type of causes I can raise money for?
Our policy strictly prohibits raising money for malicious activities or to for criminal purposes. Apart from that, you can raise money to help renovate a school, purchase or rebuild hospital facilities, clean the environment, provide shelter for the needy, and other humanitarian and social causes.
Who is/are the founder(s) of 234crowdfunding?
234crowdfunding was established by 234Scorecard Limited – a private media company registered in Nigeria.
What is a political campaign?
Political campaign in the lingo of this platform is a fundraising campaign by a duly accredited candidate of a registered political party in Nigeria who is running for office at any level of government.
How long can a fundraising campaign last?
Each fundraising campaign has a target and is for a specific need. The campaign ends when that target is reached in terms of the amount raised or when it is time to address the stated need for the campaign. Users also reserve the right to arbitrarily stop their campaigns.

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