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Political campaigning is quite an expensive project. In Africa's largest democracy, a lot of competent individuals are denied the opportunities to contest elections into elective offices due to lack of access to political finance. Given the expensive nature of elections, candidates of major political parties are usually bankrolled by political 'godfathers', wealthy donors and big corporations to whom the candidates are beholden upon election into offices.

Our political crowdfunding platform can mitigate the influence of Big Money in Nigerian politics and establish the primacy of democracy as the government of the people, by the people, for the people.


Political crowd fundraising is an innovative way of raising money from a vast pool of donors online and at public events. Ordinary people across communities can contribute small amounts of money to support their favourite candidates. Raising funds online is also much more convenient, reducing the time and resources required to organise multiple traditional fundraising events.

With 234Crowdfunding and our digital platform for political crowdfunding, geographical constraints to political participation can no longer be an impediment for voters and donors who reside outside a state or Local Government Area or beyond the shores of the country.

One of the advantages of political crowdfunding is the high correlation between political contributions and voting. Successful crowd fundraising campaigns have the potential to increase voter turnout. The more a candidate receives campaign contribution the more the donors would have an incentive to vote on election day.

And as a bona fide stakeholder in the election of a candidate, the electorate will have a voice in the development projects the candidate will undertake as a government functionary. Improved accountability and transparency of officeholders are commitments that beneficiaries of political crowdfunding are bound by.


The 234Crowdfunding platform is also a convenient and secure money-raising tool for humanitarian and social causes to foster development in Nigeria.


As a candidate, once you commit to a campaign on 234Crowdfunding.com, we will work with you on a media strategy to introduce you to the voters and galvanize the momentum needed for the crowdfunding campaign to succeed.

As part of the robust media strategy, we will create your crowdfunding page on our website, featuring a video, which will tell a compelling story of your competence, your political manifesto and plans you have for the people in as clear and practical ways as possible. The goal is to build a donor base that is as large as possible.

At 234Crowdfunding, we offer unparalleled fundraising that is convenient on our secure platform, powered by Paystack. You can link your crowdfunding campaign page on our website to your personal website and social media platforms, providing a user-friendly approach for potential donors to contribute to your campaign and also spread the message about your campaign.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details on launching your campaigns on our platform.

Nigerians all over the world are enjoined to participate in changing our political landscape through meaningful dialogues and by helping to finance the campaigns of your favourite candidate and also supporting social and humanitarian causes through our platform.

234Crowdfunding is a subsidiary of 234Scorecard, a start-up that is supporting the Nigerian democratic process by helping to promote political and social consciousness among the people and public officials in Nigeria.


Integrity, Accountability, and Patriotism


To become Nigeria's foremost development organisation, contributing to the improvement of democracy, governance and sustainable development


To help galvanise a process that will entrench public legitimacy to politics and provide access to politically unaligned data on governance performance and social causes.


Email Address: info@234crowdfunding.com

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Thanking you.

Martins Hile, Co-Founder and CEO.